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We've got thousands of printable activities for children grades pre-K to 5th grade, including practice math counting, writing, literacy, science, coloring pages, games, puzzles, etc. Our printable learning materials are an excellent way for test preparation beyond Z practices and homeschooling to master basic math skills, writing, science, social studies, and other school subjects. Please browse, by age and subject, our vast selection of high-quality, FREE, or very reasonable-priced printable worksheets to help kids in school to get on the right track from the very beginning.

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Printables are an essential part of children's education.

We offer over 12,000 worksheets in more than 60 categories for Math, Science, Social studies, English, and ESL for kids from Kindergarten to 5th grade.

Easy to search by school subject and student's age, our printable learning materials cover activities like counting, comparing, literacy, science practices, history, match-and-connect, coloring pages, games, puzzles, reading, grammar and writing, vocabulary, spelling, and cursive writing, etc.

Teachers, tutors, and homeschooling parents can rely on our high-quality learning resources designed with students in mind.

We believe that worksheets are a crucial part of learning. Using our printable learning materials, students engaged in different ways, drawing, coloring up, writing, English and math exercises, puzzles, etc. These activities help them develop their fine motor skills, handwriting, visual memory, and learning habits.

Printable learning materials help build self-confidence, teaching kids how to work at their own pace and direction. No ads, no interruption, no stress involved in this simple but very influential part of education.

Yep, printable worksheets have been around for ages and earn their teachers-best-friend reputation for a good reason.

Having some worksheet time allows students to have quiet time while doing some fun individual activities. Suppose your students are having trouble concentrating on their tasks today. In that case, a teacher can quickly step in and ask questions as students are doing their worksheets (e.g., What's this? Do you like apples? etc.); the worksheets can be used as a review aid, put on the classroom walls, and given for homework.

We offer thousands of printable worksheets prepared by professional designers, reviewed by teachers, and rated by teachers and parents.

Please register today and enjoy access to our printable learning resources prepared for children from pre-K to 5th grade.