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Elementary School Math Program

Here at Practithink, we believe that learning Math in elementary school is the fundamental part of Math education. Your child should form the basis of the Math education from the first years of studies in order to succeed in this subject. Therefore, we take a systematic and logical teaching approach for your child to learn without difficulties. Firstly, we start calculating and solving problems using whole numbers, and then we continue with the rational numbers as fractions, decimal places, and so on

Students are Сonstantly Learning New and Complex Content as They Progress Through Their Education.

Our Approach

Children in Elementary school are in direct contact with our professional instructors. With this approach, we present a unique combination of exercises in mental, verbal, optical, physical, and written aspects.

We always make sure to keep all the educational standards explicit. Your children will have high-quality educational practices with our strategies that meet the recommendations of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the Common Core State Standards.

Another great advantage of Practithink is that our teaching system helps your children learn an intuitive understanding of numbers. With that being said, they discover how the numbers are affected by operations. And with a lot of learning and practice, they become more comfortable with them. It is also called numeracy, where an elementary school kid memorizes addition and subtraction facts. It is a significant advantage when they face future challenges in Math.

With our uniquely written assessments, parents and teachers will find useful evaluating instruments for their children and students. Based on the evaluation results, we will prepare a starting point for a custom program specifically designed to complete the educational gaps your kids might have. And it will be much easier for them to proceed further when they are ready for high-level Math challenges.

Additionally, each practice includes teaching various hints and solutions to every exercise and homework to help children understand their assignments. And most importantly, we help them prepare for school tests and exams.

Printable worksheets are a principal part of children’s education.

We have over 10,000 worksheets for kids from Kindergarten to 5th grade in more than 60 categories for Math, Science, Social studies, English, and ESL.
Worksheets are a fundamental part of learning. As Children learn in different ways, engaging them with coloring, drawing, exercises, and puzzles helps them develop their learning habits, discipline, fine motor skills, and handwriting. Printables help to build self-confidence, teach kids how to work at their own pace and direction. No ads, interruptions, or stress is involved in this simple yet very efficient part of education. That’s right! Worksheets have been proven to work... for centuries.

Having a short worksheet time during your lesson allows students to have quiet time while doing some fun and individual activities. The teacher can ask questions as students are doing their worksheets (f.e. What's this? Do you like apples? etc.). You can use the worksheet as a review aid. They can also be shown both on the classroom walls and given for homework..